ScreenPro FH
Screening Project for Familial Hypercholesterolemia
in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe

Czech Republic

Country leader: Tomas Freiberger, MD, PhD


Population: 10 538 275

Estimated number of FH patients: 21 077 (prevalence 1:500)

Number of patients in the database: 7 187

National centres: General University Hospital in Prague, St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno

Other centres: 65

Lipid network in country: functional

FH programme: based on MedPed approach, functional network of centres, support of Czech Atherosclerosis Society, online nationwide database, activity of coordinator who keeps centres informed and helps them with inserting patients’ data into database, availability of DNA diagnostics

Criteria: MedPed, Dutch lipid clinic network diagnostic criteria might be applied as well

LDL apheresis: available

Number of LDL apheresis centres: 2