ScreenPro FH
Screening Project for Familial Hypercholesterolemia
in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe


Why it is necessary to have a patient organisation? How to establish a patient organization. Practical tips and experiences from Czech Republic and Diagnoza FH patient organisation. You can find the answears and tips in video webinars from Prof. Richard Ceska, ScreenPro FH Project Leader and Kristina Cillikova, Diagnoza FH patient organisation Vice President.

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30. November, 2016

Video presentation on topic “FH: from experiences of lipd clinic to the international network” presented on behalf of ScreenPro FH Project by Prof. Richard Ceska at the International Conference on Internal Medicine 2016, held form October 31 to November 2, 2016 in San Francisco, USA.
You can watch the video HERE.

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Dear Colleagues,
we would like to invite you to the ScreenPro FH Project Workshop that is being held during the 2nd Prague European Days of Internal Medicine – PEDIM (a 3-hour plenary session on December 1st, 2016). The workshop is focused on modern lipid lowering therapy, combo therapy, familial hypercholesterolemia, statin intolerance and metabolic syndrome. Many international speakers are taking part in this meeting.
Next ScreenPro FH Project Leaders Meeting is also being held during the PEDIM Congress in Prague. More information via email.
You can find ScreenPro FH Project Workshop programme HERE.
For more information about PEDIM, please visit web site:

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12. February, 2016

The English version of the book is ready to purchase and translation into local languages. The FH book is actually translated into 6 languages. All ScreenPro FH Project members was informed about the possibility to translate the book in their national language (National Leaders could add description of the situation in their countries and become a co-author of the book). The book is being published in a couple of months in Russia and also Kyrgyzstan is working on translation in Kyrgyz language.

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