ScreenPro FH
Screening Project for Familial Hypercholesterolemia
in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe

Statin Intolerance: The Clinician’s Perspective

Statin Intolerance: The Clinician’s Perspective Authors: Tomas Stulc1, Richard Ceska1, Antonio M. Gotto Jr.2 On behalf of the ScreenPro FH Project: Dan GA (Romania), Djuric D (Serbia), Ezhov MV (Russia), Fras Z (Slovenia), Freiberger T (Czech Republic), Gaita D (Romania), Goudev A (Bulgaria), Harangi M (Hungary), Kayikcioglu M (Turkey), Latkovskis G (Latvia), Mark L (Hungary), Mirrakhimov EM (Kyrgyzstan), Mitchenko E (Ukraine), Murataliev TM (Kyrgyzstan), Paragh G (Hungary), Petrulioniene Z (Lithuania), Pojskic B (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Raslova K (Slovakia), Reiner Z... More

FH Webinar

Video presentation on topic "FH: from experiences of lipd clinic to the international network" presented on behalf of ScreenPro FH Project by Prof. Richard Ceska at the International Conference on

FH book

The English version of the book is ready to purchase and translation into local languages. The FH book sis actually translated into 6 languages. All ScreenPro FH Project members was informed about

85th EAS Congress in Prague

The 85th EAS Congress is being held April 23 – 26, 2017 in Prague. We are happy to inform you that the next SreenPro FH Project Country Leadeers Meeting is being held during the EAS Congress. We are going to send you more information about the ScreenPro FH Meeting via email. For more information about the EAS Congress please visit web site: